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Infiniti Parts USA, your source for OEM Infiniti I30 Parts at wholesale prices.

At Infiniti Parts, we sell OEM Infiniti I30 Parts and ONLY Factory I30 Parts. The I30 Parts you see within Infiniti Parts are all guaranteed to be 100% original Infiniti-made auto parts. When you buy from Infiniti Parts USA you are receiving the same exact Infiniti I30 Parts you would purchase from your local Infiniti dealership. All of our Infiniti parts come with a 12 month warranty AND satisfaction guaranteed!

2001 I30 Axle beam 2000 I30 Axle beam 2001 I30 Front pipe
(Item 5) 2001 I30 Front pipe
Our Price: $671.51
Core Charge $140.00
All W/O T Package 3.0 Liter
2000 I30 Front pipe 2001 I30 Catalytic cnvrtr 2000 I30 Catalytic cnvrtr
(Item 5) 2000 I30 Front pipe
Our Price: $671.51
Core Charge $140.00
(Item 1) 2001 I30 Catalytic cnvrtr
Our Price: $576.30
Core Charge $140.00
(Item 1) 2000 I30 Catalytic cnvrtr
Our Price: $576.30
Core Charge $140.00
3.0 Liter 3.0 Liter 3.0 Liter
2001 I30 Crnkshft pulley 2000 I30 Crnkshft pulley 1999 I30 Crnkshft pulley
3.0 Liter 3.0 Liter All
1998 I30 Crnkshft pulley 1997 I30 Crnkshft pulley 1996 I30 Crnkshft pulley
All All All
The Infiniti I30

The Nissan Cefiro is a mid-size car that was produced by the Japanese automobile manufacture Nissan Motors. Introduced to Japan in 1988 as the A31 series four-door sedan, the Cefiro initially shared its basic rear-wheel drive chassis with the Nissan Laurel (sixth-generation) and the Nissan Skyline (R32). The Cefiro dropped its sporting pretensions in the second (A32) and third (A33) generations, switching to the front-wheel drive layout. In Europe and Australia, the A32 and A33 series models were sold as the Nissan Maxima.

In North America, the Middle East, and Africa, Nissan retailed the A32 and A33 series Cefiro sedans through the Infiniti brand as the Infiniti I30 and later as the Infiniti I35. While the styling of the Infiniti versions was essentially identical to the Cefiro sold in other markets, the same car with revised front- and rear-styling was also sold in North America as the Nissan Maxima as cheaper, lower-specification model.