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Genuine Infiniti Wiper Blades-

One of the most overlooked auto parts is the wiper blade. Just as your headlamps allow you to see when you drive at night, your wiper blades allow you to see during adverse weather conditions. In most cases your wiper blades only get noticed when you drive in rainy or snowing conditions - after they have already deteriorated from hot summer months. It is recommenced that you inspect your wiper blades frequently, and it is a common annual replacement. Be preventative and don't wait until that next rainy trip, replace your Infiniti wiper blades today so you can see tomorrow!
Why genuine OEM Wiper Blades?

Only genuine Infiniti wiper blades are made with your Infiniti vehicle's specifications in mind. All of our genuine Infiniti wiper blades are manufactured with the same factory quality as the rest of our OEM Infiniti parts so you can rest assured that you are receiving piece of mind when you purchase your Infiniti wiper blades from Infiniti Parts USA. There are two styles to choose from (conventional V-spring blade or flat, beam-style blade). Both styles include an innovative blade performance indicator that changes color when performance is diminished. If you have any questions about our genuine Infiniti wiper blades please feel free to email us.