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Last Updated: 02/27/2014
Infiniti Parts appreciates all of our business regardless of where it may come from. We have been selling, and shipping to international customers for over ten years. If you are thinking about purchasing with us and you are located outside the U.S. please review the following international ordering policies:

International shipping: We only ship DHL globally, we also ship United States Postal to Canada and most of the Caribbean. We find that DHL shipping charges are fair and they provide excellent global service. We offer USPS as a Canadian option because of the timely service USPS offers in cooperation with Canada Post. For more information please visit our International Shipping page.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): Unfortunately we do not have the ability to look-up parts for vehicles with non-US vehicle identification numbers. We do apologize. If you have concerns or fitment issues with a part for your non-US vehicle, please source the correct part number from a local dealership and then try to search it in our catalog. If the part number is the same it will fit. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ACCURACY FOR ANY PARTS PURCHASED WITH A NON-US VIN.

Customs Duties and Importation Tax:
Infiniti Parts USA has no control over ANY importation charges or fees you may be responsible for in order to receive your parts. None of our posted shipping charges include these fees. The shipping charge you pay to Infiniti Parts USA is for transportation only.

International Payment: Some order may not be accepted with payment by credit card. If this is the case with your order you will be contacted via email with other payment options such as wire transfer or PayPal (all PayPal orders ship ONLY to the verified PayPal shipping address).

US Holidays: Be advise that we do observe all Federal US holidays. If you must contact us on one of these observed days please feel free to leave us a message or contact us via email at

If you are a international customer and have any questions whatsoever please contact us at before you place your order. We would rather take the time to fully understand your needs than send incorrect items internationally.

Thank you!

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